A downloadable Deckbuilding

Legends  of Charlemagne

A deckbuilding game based on the art of N. C Wyeth.

All art in this game is from N. C. Wyeth , most of which  is from his 1924  publication of "Legends of Charlemagne."

Starting The Game

The cards are put together in such a way that the cost (including what color of gem) is apparent in the lower right corner of the picture on each card. During a player’s turn, they may purchase as many cards as their hand will allow. Cards purchased are immediately put into the discard pile. Play then moves to the next player. Once all players have played in a round, each player shuffles their discard pile with what remains of their Player Deck.

The Second Turn And Beyond

Second, third and forth players play the same as the first player. During the second round, players may draw cards they purchased. They are to follow the instructions on each card. Many of these cards have gem values at the lower center portion of the card. These may be used to purchase more cards or blue gems, depending on the card type and value. These cards are then discarded and reshuffled into the Player Deck at the end of the turn.

Winning And Losing The Game

During the game, cards with Blue Gems may be used to purchase Blue Gems. Once a player has 10 Blue Gems, they may trade them for a Charlemagne Point Card. Players may trade 10 for a Charlemagne Point Card at any point and do not need to wait their turn for this.


Necessary winning conditions are:

2 Player: 3 Charlemagne Point Cards

3 Player: 2 Charlemagne Point Cards 

4 Player: 2 Charlemagne Point Cards

Player Deck Card

An example of a Player Deck Card

Flying Card

An example of a Game Card


An example of a Game Card

Install instructions

Downloadable files included are  for print and play accessibility.


LegendsofCharlemagneRules.pdf 286 kB
GemDoc.pdf 14 kB
Player Deck Cards.zip 1 MB
Point Cards.zip 1 MB
Game Deck Cards.zip 5 MB


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Looks great, except the font makes it very hard to read the card text. It's the opposite of serif fonts, the lines work very much like dazzle camouflage. Maybe a version without font effects could exist as an accessibility option?

thanks for that input. I hadn’t thought of it as an accessibility issue. I was planning on making updates and this is a good place to start. 

That would be nice.  We tried a test print for a blind player, but the screen reader software had major problems with the font.  The mermaid card was our test.  It could not pick out the word "Mermaid" at all.  The extra letters messed it up and it read out each letter and missed some of them.  The other text did better, but "card" was seen as "c" "d" not as a word the first couple of times.  May have been because of the serif like extrusions.

Congrats on winning Best Deep Cut!

Reach out to me about claiming your prize: randylubin@gmail.com


Love the art - great choice of source material!

thank you!!